It is my pleasure to commend to you the music and ministry of Ken and Annette MacDonald. The MacDonalds have been active and faithful members of our local congregation for several years. They are gifted in ministry, of sterling character, and conduct themselves as true Christians.  As Paul the Apostle wrote of Stephanas and his household, Ken and Annette MacDonald have "devoted themselves to the service of the saints." (NIV) By Godly example, in willingness to serve, and through Spirit-anointed ministry, Ken and Annette have proven themselves to be genuine ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hearts for Hymn Ministries will bless you and your congregation with the sincerity and quality of their ministry and music. 

Pastor Thomas Price / Living Water Pentecostal Church


Receive him therefore in the Lord with all gladness; and hold such in reputation: Philippians 2:29
I have known both Ken and Annette for many years.  During all of this time they have walked with a good testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives.  The MacDonalds have a wonderful music ministry that will bless and encourage all who hear them.  They are preachers and exhorters of the Word of God.  They conduct and handle themselves with dignity and yet at the same time they are open to move in the Holy Spirit as directed.

If you require someone to come and minister at your church, you and your congregation will be blessed with the ministry of this fine couple.  Ken will preach and teach the Word with sincerity and conviction.  If you wish to make further inquiry, please feel free to contact me at your leisure.

Rev Donald B Carpenter / Maranatha Revivals Inc.



It is my pleasure to commend to you the ministry and music of Ken and Annette MacDonald. Their gifting by God and Christ-like character brings the presence and power of God's Holy Spirit into every situation.  Their ministry has always brought blessing to the congregation at Crescent Valley. Ken and Annette operate with servant's hearts as commended by Jesus Christ.  Matthew 23:11, "He that is greatest among you let him be your servant." 


Hearts for Hymn Ministries will bless you and your congregation by bringing about conviction to the listener. 2 Corinthians 3:3, "You are a letter from Christ, written . . . with the Spirit of the living God."


Pastor Marshall Caldwell / Crescent Valley Gospel Centre


It is my privilege to recommend to you my friends, Ken and Annette MacDonald. We have known the MacDonalds for over ten years. We got to know Ken and Annette while we were pastoring in Saint John, where Ken was part of the pastoral staff. Since we moved to other churches it was always our privilege to have the MacDonald's come to our church to minister in music and many times I would ask Ken to minister to the people with the Word of God. I have always found their music ministry of such a caliber that it would lift one up to the Throne of God as they encourage the people to join them in whole-hearted worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When I have asked Ken to bring a message from the Lord, I found that his messages were always bathed with many hours of prayer and delivered with the full anointing of the Blessed Holy Spirit of God. I have never been concerned when I have had the MacDonald Family ministering to the people of God in the churches where I was pastoring. I am very happy to recommend Ken and Annette to you, whether you require them to minister through music, or whether you require a man of God to bring your people a message from the Lord Jesus.

Rev Eugene Morell / New Life Community Church