In September 1980, Ken and  Annette were married and since that time have worked as a team in the ministry of "helps". Annette with her alto voice and piano-playing abilities joined with Ken's lead voice to become a singing duo. Both with a compassion for others and a strong desire to be used of God have found many opportunities to use the talents given them for God's glory and honour. They attended Bible School in Moultrie, Georgia in 1983, and Ken was ordained to ministry there and currently holds credentials with Maranatha Revivals Inc.

Ken has served in the capacity of Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Trustee, and Sunday School Teacher.  Annette has played the piano in church for many years, been church secretary, Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Worship Leader and spoken at Ladies Retreats. All along the way they have continued to sing. 

"Hearts for Hymn" expresses the desire they harbour to have hearts for God, and the thing they enjoy so much, singing.

They have been blessed with three children, Esther, Joel and Elizabeth, a son-in-law Aaron, and three precious grandchildren, Emily, Liam and Ben.

Ken's Biography / Annette's Biography